• Nike Tanjun
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    Nike Tanjun Running Shoes

    Nike Tanjun is a perfect sports running shoe for anyone who is searching for a fast,  pocket-friendly solution and at the same time doesn’t care that much about the overall quality. It is a great example of a running shoe where both these attributes come hand in hand. Even though the model is from 2015, for a tempting price tag of € 45, you can still get them online on Amazon. As you may ask yourself, are they still worth it nowadays? Well, yes and no. To be honest, it really depends on what your standard is and what you are planning to use them for.  Traditional gym shoe I put…

  • Nike Experience RN 7
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    Nike Flex Experience RN 7

    Nike Flex Experience RN 7 is a relatively lightweight model from the cheaper running shoe category that Nike released in the beginning of summer 2018. And even though it is presented as a running shoe, it can be definitely presented also as multifunctional model as well. First, the upper. Breathable, very thin mesh gives a feeling that the shoe really weighs nothing. Nike is in my opinion one of the best producers that in this regard, can make the top of the shoe extremely lightweight. And this Flex Experience RN 7 is no exception. Unfortunately though, as it is made from a lightweight material (weight ranges between 200-260 grams for both women and men model), I got a feeling the material…

  • Asics Gel Quantum Infinity
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    Asics Gel Quantum Infinity

    In the fall of last year, 2018, Asics came to the market with a completely new way of cushioning. The gel layer that was inserted into the midsole is in case of Asics Gel Quantum newly laid over the whole surface of the shoe. In comparison to previous Asics models that had only gel in the heel part, this main modification here will provide you with exceptionally strong cushioning and real softness at each tread when stepping forward. The quality of cushioning is something that this model can really show off. It is comparable to technologies that we can find for instance at Adidas Boost, Saucony Triumph ISO 5 or…

  • nike air max torch 4
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    Nike Air Max Torch 4

    If you say stylish trail running, then you should definitely imagine Nike Air Max Torch 4. The shoe that offers a real comfort for the medium difficulty terrain. And after having them tested for almost 5 months, approximately running 3 times a week, we came to the following observations. Hiking or jogging on short to medium distances is for Nike Air Max Torch 4 absolutely no problem. The upper, even though a bit less breathable, greatly manages any difficulties. Forest roads with lots of leaves, branches and uneven terrain didn´t leave any notable marks on the shoes even after a few months. Because it is a trail running shoe, obviously,…

  • Adidas Edge Lux review
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    Adidas Edge Lux

    According to Adidas company, the Adidas Edge Lux are shoes for runners, specifically for women. In my own opinion, it is a shoe that offers interesting design, breathable material, boasts by Bounce midsole and for some people plays the role the fact the model runs the true size (at least, that´s what they claim in some reviews online  and that I have seen before buying them). Are you maybe missing in my part that I haven´t said a word that it is also a running shoe? Well, that´s simply because I think it´s not… Let´s take a look at the core aspect of many running shoes, which is definitely the midsole. Adidas…

  • Reebok Sublite XT Cushion 2.0
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    Reebok Sublite XT Cushion 2.0

    I have always liked Reebok models specifically for their great shape and color mixes. The design with intense colors and hard solid upper were always giving me a feeling it´s a stylish shoe that especially protects me when running on dirty, unmade roads or in the forests. The truth is, in this case of Reebok Sublite XT Cushioning 2.0, I was pleased and surprised at the same time because the shoe is in some points pretty different from other Reebok models I had tried before. A first very surprising point was the overall lightness of the shoe. Compared to my other Reebok Speedlux 2.0, I find these much more elastic…

  • adidas-galaxy-2-m
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    Adidas Galaxy 2M

    This time, we took a look at the middle class running category and decided to make an evaluation of Adidas Galaxy 2M which is according to many reviews and opinions considered to be a fairly average running shoe. After having them tested for a few running hours and making a clear cut, we are coming with this short review that might help you when deciding whether to buy them or not. First, let´s take a look at the bright points.  The fact it can be considered as just a middle class shoe is signaled by the producer in the first place. And that is the price. You can get them…