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    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 perfectly combines the best technologies from Nike that you can imagine at today’s running shoes. As a result of lightweight upper and higher quality midsole foam, you can look forward to great support for your middle length to longer length runs on every day base. And what else makes it so special? Before analysing the strong points, I need to point out that I have tested this shoe on quite some amount of kilometers. In 90 per cent of cases, testing was done in the streets and smooth city terrain so very undemanding surface in general (anyway, that’s what the shoe is made for). Barely…

  • Hoka One One Clifotn 5
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    Hoka One One Clifton 5 Review

    When I got the chance to write a test review for Hoka One One Clifton 5, I didnt feel hesitant but strongly excited instead. It was a shoe I was really looking forward to probing. Especially, because I have heard about it a lot of praise. And the truth is that, after having the shoe tested for the last few couple of months, I can say that it will definitely remain my favourite for a very long time.  I am a trail runner and I really love unpaved, forest roads. But at the same time, I dont avoid asphalt and concrete roads either. And I was more than amazed when…

  • Adidas Duramo 9
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    Adidas Duramo 9

    Adidas Duramo 9 is a typical example of universal shoe that perfectly fits the lower price class on today’s market. For just some 30 dollars that it costs now, you can count with some slightly lower quality model that doesn’t bring anything new but definitely still serves good for many leisure sports activities. So let’s take a look at this model originally released in summer 2018, a bit closer. Strongest points? I already mentioned it and without a doubt, it is the price tag. For a brand like Adidas, it is pretty unusual because most of the models easily exceed 100 dollars and you don’t even know how. In this…

  • nike-zoomx-vaporfly-next
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    Nike Zoomx Vaporfly Next%

    Since this summer Nike Zoomx Vaporfly Next% became a highly spoken running shoe on the market. Well, no doubt, there is a very good reason. And if you are into the latest runner’s world news, you may guess that I speak about the fact that it carried the famous long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge to its great victory at London Half Marathon. Long story short, we decided to bring the light to the world from our perspective and point out if Nike Zoomx Vaporfly Next% is as good as they say. And the overall feeling? It is literally lovable. After having them probed on some 50 kilometers, I can say it…

  • Nike Zoom Fly
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    Nike Zoom Fly

    Many shoe producers promise with their models to runners great comfort, some speed, top lightness and many other basic attributes that are highly essential for running. Nike Zoom Fly, though, is a model of running shoes that goes beyond and makes a real deal when solving health problems of your feet. Long story short, Nike Zoom Fly significantly improves comfort of long-distance running by solving problems with halluxes. If you have developed hallux rigidus, valgus or limitus, then you should definitely take Nike Zoom Fly into consideration. And what makes this shoe special? Let´s take a look at it closer. Similar to my previous review about Altra Torin 2, the…

  • Altra Torin 2
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    Altra Torin 2

    Whatever kind of running shoes I have worn in my life, it always turned out to be a problem to get a new pair. Reason? On average, I have very large and wide feet and every other new model is just too narrow. But that would not be the worst part, I also inherited from my ancestors the genetic predisposition for halluxes. In other words, bunions. And if you know what I am talking about, you should definitely keep reading this review post because Altra Torin 2 is the model that actually helps to get rid of this very annoying problem. In general, narrower shoes in my opinion is a…

  • Nike Zoom Strike
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    Nike Zoom Strike

    Nike Zoom Strike undeniably belongs to running models that a runner barely feels on his/her feet even after a whole marathon. The real secret of its lightness lies in its single-layer mesh upper. Moreover, Nike equipped this model with the overall high portion of Air Zoom midsole and thus, the early assumption was that having these shoes for long-distance training would be a real pleasure and joy at the same time. So, where do they rank after having them tested on some 50 kilometers? First, as for overall design, I am not a big fan of colors and I don´t need anything exceptional. But in this case, I must say…

  • brooks-ghost-12
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    Brooks Ghost 12

    If you are a demanding, long-distance runner that requires a really high portion of cushioning and good support for your feet, then Brooks Ghost 12 should definitely belong to your running arsenal.  I had my first experience with Brooks with the previous version Ghost 11 and tried this updated version just recently. And, without a doubt, to buy them, it was a very good decision in the end. Where did they surprise me? Most interestingly, it was not even the midsole that is often being praised by others. Maybe because at Brooks Ghost 12, it is pretty much the same as in case of Ghost 11. Nevertheless, what really amazed…

  • reebok-realflex-train-4.0
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    Reebok RealFlex Train 4.0

    RealFlex Train 4.0 is presented by Reebok as a running shoe for heavy training. As a shoe that will allow you to leave lots of kilometers behind you and that will help you on quite some uneasy terrain. In order to prove it, there have been strategically added some carbon fibers into the outsole. Well, surprisingly, despite the carbon that makes the shoes mostly heavy, this model is extremely light. All in all, it seems as a pretty good combination for long-distance running, right? Of course, it may appear to be. Unfortunately, there are so many other factors that might screw up the whole shoe… So I will start right…

  • ON CloudSwift
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    ON Cloudswift

    Before considering these shoes I have already heard lots of odes about them. My friend, videos on the internet and also a review article that I have read, all these sources were agreeing pretty much on the same thing. It is an extremely comfortable shoe. Long story short, I can confirm that it is true. Definitely, after having them put on your feet, you will be thinking of them as of a really successful model that is nothing but a nice surprise. Upper? By 90 per cent thumbs up! It is breathable, light, smoothly fitting around your arches. Moreover, it has a typical side band over the top. That is…