• ON CloudSwift
    Neutral,  On Cloud,  Running shoes

    ON Cloudswift

    Before considering these shoes I have already heard lots of odes about them. My friend, videos on the internet and also a review article that I have read, all these sources were agreeing pretty much on the same thing. It is an extremely comfortable shoe. Long story short, I can confirm that it is true. Definitely, after having them put on your feet, you will be thinking of them as of a really successful model that is nothing but a nice surprise. Upper? By 90 per cent thumbs up! It is breathable, light, smoothly fitting around your arches. Moreover, it has a typical side band over the top. That is…

  • On Cloud X
    Neutral,  On Cloud,  Running shoes

    ON Cloud X

    Elegant, stylish, high quality… the first three things that popped up in my head when seeing these sci-fi looking shoes for the first time. And not only that! The Swiss company ON is notoriously famous for making very lightweight models of shoes thanks to its technology that resembles floating clouds. And this model is definitely not an exception in most of the previously named attributes! It is a real specialty! Straight to the point. If you haven´t come across any shoes from this company until now, you will be definitely surprised by the air cushioning system built in the outsole. It is really great! I cannot say more. The hollow…