• Adidas Duramo 9
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    Adidas Duramo 9

    Adidas Duramo 9 is a typical example of universal shoe that perfectly fits the lower price class on today’s market. For just some 30 dollars that it costs now, you can count with some slightly lower quality model that doesn’t bring anything new but definitely still serves good for many leisure sports activities. So let’s take a look at this model originally released in summer 2018, a bit closer. Strongest points? I already mentioned it and without a doubt, it is the price tag. For a brand like Adidas, it is pretty unusual because most of the models easily exceed 100 dollars and you don’t even know how. In this…

  • Adidas Solar Drive
    Adidas,  Neutral,  Running shoes

    Adidas Solar Drive

    Adidas Solar Drive was released due the 1st May 2018 as a running shoe with strong support and high portion of cushioning. And to be honest, for this model, that in these days costs around 80 dollars, I think it is a fair price. But if you take a look at it from the that time when it was released, it was an over priced shoe for almost 120 bugs. Why overpriced? Because simply, from a shoe of that price you definitely expect it will be already a higher class. And not just an OK shoe. An OK shoe you can get for even less than those 70 bugs that…

  • adidas-alphabounce-beyond
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    Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond

    It has been approximately already a one year, since Adidas released their new model AlphaBounce Beyond and entered the market with a solid running shoe, for an affordable price around 75- 100 euros. If you are searching not only for these two aspects, but also for a running shoe that looks interesting and is recommendable for many other sport activities, these shoes will definitely make you feel happy. Let´s take a look at some most noticeable attributes and make you prepared for what to expect when buying them. First of all, it is advisable to come and buy them in the shop. Because the fact is, the shoe simply looks…

  • Adidas Edge Lux review
    Adidas,  Neutral,  Running shoes

    Adidas Edge Lux

    According to Adidas company, the Adidas Edge Lux are shoes for runners, specifically for women. In my own opinion, it is a shoe that offers interesting design, breathable material, boasts by Bounce midsole and for some people plays the role the fact the model runs the true size (at least, that´s what they claim in some reviews online  and that I have seen before buying them). Are you maybe missing in my part that I haven´t said a word that it is also a running shoe? Well, that´s simply because I think it´s not… Let´s take a look at the core aspect of many running shoes, which is definitely the midsole. Adidas…

  • Adidas Terrex Agravic GTX
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    Adidas Terrex Agravic GTX

    Mid of September brought us the first rain showers and as usual, the weather kept worsening pretty much until these Christmas days. As most of runners, I really hate this part of the year, when the conditions are almost never on runner´s side. As you possibly know, Gore-tex sneakers become in such situations a real big advantage. For that specific attribute, I tested them while having them for approximately 300 kilometers on the road in different conditions and places. First of all, I must say I have really liked the Gore-tex upper which I personally think, no good trail shoe nowadays should appear on the market without that layer. Thank…

  • nike renew rival shield product review
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    Nike Renew Rival Shield

    I think we all know this situation… The year is slowly getting to its end and obviously, the weather for us, runners,  is making our intention to have a nice, comfortable run every day more and more uneasy. Not just the days are shorter, but also the temperatures are getting lower and lower and without any doubt, you get a higher possibility to come across some more rain showers. Nike Renew Rival is definitely a shoe that focuses on these running conditions and provides at least a partial solution for us. The model was made by the producer the way it very well protects against any rainy conditions.  The synthesized…

  • Adidas cosmic 2.0 SL
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    Adidas Cosmic 2 Sl

    When I saw these shoes approximately two years ago, the first impression was that it looks a bit as a skater shoe or just some fancy shoe for any day, leisure activity. But I would have barely guessed at that time, from the first look, it is a running shoe, that will actually stay with me for another two years until now. So the question of this product review of course is, why did I keep them and how often do I use them… First of all, the cushioning. The midsole Adidas technology, Cloudfoam, is the best, most important feature that the shoe offers. Very simple… it contains the EVA…

  • adidas-galaxy-2-m
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    Adidas Galaxy 2M

    This time, we took a look at the middle class running category and decided to make an evaluation of Adidas Galaxy 2M which is according to many reviews and opinions considered to be a fairly average running shoe. After having them tested for a few running hours and making a clear cut, we are coming with this short review that might help you when deciding whether to buy them or not. First, let´s take a look at the bright points.  The fact it can be considered as just a middle class shoe is signaled by the producer in the first place. And that is the price. You can get them…

  • Adidas PureBoost X Review
    Adidas,  Neutral,  Running shoes

    Adidas PureBoost X

    Approximately one year ago, I discovered these shoes as recommended for their ultimately unusual design and as these purely made for women. The truth is, they really are very specific for their arch part that is kind of “floating” above the midsole and outsole. The “wow” effect of the design is even stronger when you realize you can easily see through the shoe which until that time I have never seen before. So what do I think about it as a real running shoe and other technical specification? The first impression was that they are seriously very comfortable. Thanks to the fact the upper is completely made of the woven…

  • Adidas,  Neutral,  Running shoes

    Adidas Swift Run

    Sometimes, after wearing a running shoe, I am asking myself, what was actually the real message that the producer wanted to pass over to the customer by making the model the way it happened. And unfortunately, as in this case of Adidas Swift Run, I have a bit problem to answer the question even after having the shoe used for more than half a year. Talking right about this model, for me, it is an OK sports shoe. Does it have running shoe attributes? Yes, it does. EVA cushioning is all along the shoe, fulfilling the midsole and thus nicely absorbing the shocks when running. It also has a cool…