• Air Zoom vomero 14
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    Nike Zoom Vomero 14

    Before trying these beauties for real, it took me almost half a year to make up my mind and finally purchase them from Amazon. Why so much hesitation? Very simple. I have seen in my life so many running shoes that barely any trainers nowadays raise my attention. Truth to be said, in this case, I was seriously very hesitant. Especially, because at first glance, they really do look as just another extremely cushioned model of running shoes. Well, as the time was passing, I heard about them so much praise from a friend and online as well, that I decided to give them a chance and purchased them in…

  • Reebok Speedlux 2.0 Review
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    Reebok Speedlux 2.0

    Are you beginning with running and prefer not to pay a whole fortune for your first model of running shoes? Lots of us have been at that point when we preferred to take it a bit easy, buy something fancy and at the same time not just a crappy shoe which we later would find absolutely inappropriate for the type of our feet. Reebok Speedlux 2.0 definitely fulfills most of those criteria. First, if we look at the midsole, it is made of rubber, elastic polymer EVA, which is resistant to hardening and cracking. Also, a small bonus making the cushioning more effective are the air capsules inside the midsole.…