• Running in rain
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    4 Things to Consider before Running in Rain

    Coming across someone who wouldn’t be at least once in their life standing against the rain problem, I find almost impossible. No matter whether you decide to go for a small jogging exercise or long marathon training, simply, the chances at many places in the World bear the same risk… being smashed by a cute rain shower. And of course, good preparation is the most essential part if you want to survive it. So what should you take into consideration? Most importantly, as we are writing on this web about running shoes, we will focus later on, on running shoes for rain specifically. But before anything, I would like to…

  • Running with Hangover is a good idea?
    Running tips

    Running after hangover: Is it a good idea?

    Believe it or not, even though lots of people share their negative experience about a weak physical performance after a huge party night, I have to disagree. Running with a headache and sensitive stomach after going out, I tried several times and I can assure you, it doesn’t have to be always a tragedy as you may expect. The factors you should take into consideration before you ever dare running out like that, I will try to describe according to my personal experience. As the feeling of dying in the morning will be gone and finally, you will be able to finish the run without any bigger difficulties, hopefully, my…