• reebok-realflex-train-4.0
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    Reebok RealFlex Train 4.0

    RealFlex Train 4.0 is presented by Reebok as a running shoe for heavy training. As a shoe that will allow you to leave lots of kilometers behind you and that will help you on quite some uneasy terrain. In order to prove it, there have been strategically added some carbon fibers into the outsole. Well, surprisingly, despite the carbon that makes the shoes mostly heavy, this model is extremely light. All in all, it seems as a pretty good combination for long-distance running, right? Of course, it may appear to be. Unfortunately, there are so many other factors that might screw up the whole shoe… So I will start right…

  • Reebok Liquid Floatride Run Review
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    Reebok Liquid Floatride Run

    If you are searching for a pair of ultimately lightweight running shoes and don´t mind a bit of experimenting, you should definitely try Reebok Liquid Floatride Run. From the very first moment, after you see them, you will definitely agree on my opinion, that the shoe design  is simply very unusual. Maybe Reebok got inspired by the old version of Nike Kukini from the year 2000. Hard to say, the upper is very similar to Nike, the outsole is very different though. Anyway, on nowadays market, the shoe is really unusual. Not surprisingly, Reebok came the last year in 2018 with them only as with a limited edition. As an…

  • Reebok Sublite XT Cushion 2.0
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    Reebok Sublite XT Cushion 2.0

    I have always liked Reebok models specifically for their great shape and color mixes. The design with intense colors and hard solid upper were always giving me a feeling it´s a stylish shoe that especially protects me when running on dirty, unmade roads or in the forests. The truth is, in this case of Reebok Sublite XT Cushioning 2.0, I was pleased and surprised at the same time because the shoe is in some points pretty different from other Reebok models I had tried before. A first very surprising point was the overall lightness of the shoe. Compared to my other Reebok Speedlux 2.0, I find these much more elastic…

  • Reebok Speedlux 2.0 Review
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    Reebok Speedlux 2.0

    Are you beginning with running and prefer not to pay a whole fortune for your first model of running shoes? Lots of us have been at that point when we preferred to take it a bit easy, buy something fancy and at the same time not just a crappy shoe which we later would find absolutely inappropriate for the type of our feet. Reebok Speedlux 2.0 definitely fulfills most of those criteria. First, if we look at the midsole, it is made of rubber, elastic polymer EVA, which is resistant to hardening and cracking. Also, a small bonus making the cushioning more effective are the air capsules inside the midsole.…