About Us

When you are searching for runner shoes, you may be asking yourself some questions such as what kind of shoes is for your specific foot the most appropriate. Which shoe is good for running at night, which shoes will support your flat feet the most and on the other hand, what model is rather better to avoid completely.

In order to help you with answering all these questions, we decided to start writing this web with our personal opinions and thus, we bring together our own experience so that the right choice of running shoes becomes for you much easier. As we are all runners themselves, we put here personal reviews based on real experience only. Moreover, we also do structure cuts through the shoes, so that we take a look at some points of the structure as well.

We appreciate every opinion about the shoes that the runners use, so that in case you would like to share your own opinion about shoes, please feel free to let us know and we will post your contribution on our web page.