• Under armour Hovr Infinite mens
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    Under Armour Hovr Infinite

    Imagine you forgot your smartphone at home before going on the road. Or maybe you simply don’t like to run with your phone in your hands and feel its heaviness. Or it just happened that your phone battery went empty during during the run suddenly… Sounds pretty uneasy for an enthusiast who always likes measuring every step during the run, don’t you think? Well that’s where Under Armour hovr Infinite perfectly comes in hand. It is a smart and effective shoe for exactly those aforementioned situations. Don’t you believe that? Let’s take a look on why the Under Armour became with this model “a recommended shoe of 2019” and what…

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    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 perfectly combines the best technologies from Nike that you can imagine at today’s running shoes. As a result of lightweight upper and higher quality midsole foam, you can look forward to great support for your middle length to longer length runs on every day base. And what else makes it so special? Before analysing the strong points, I need to point out that I have tested this shoe on quite some amount of kilometers. In 90 per cent of cases, testing was done in the streets and smooth city terrain so very undemanding surface in general (anyway, that’s what the shoe is made for). Barely…

  • Adidas Duramo 9
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    Adidas Duramo 9

    Adidas Duramo 9 is a typical example of universal shoe that perfectly fits the lower price class on today’s market. For just some 30 dollars that it costs now, you can count with some slightly lower quality model that doesn’t bring anything new but definitely still serves good for many leisure sports activities. So let’s take a look at this model originally released in summer 2018, a bit closer. Strongest points? I already mentioned it and without a doubt, it is the price tag. For a brand like Adidas, it is pretty unusual because most of the models easily exceed 100 dollars and you don’t even know how. In this…

  • reebok-realflex-train-4.0
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    Reebok RealFlex Train 4.0

    RealFlex Train 4.0 is presented by Reebok as a running shoe for heavy training. As a shoe that will allow you to leave lots of kilometers behind you and that will help you on quite some uneasy terrain. In order to prove it, there have been strategically added some carbon fibers into the outsole. Well, surprisingly, despite the carbon that makes the shoes mostly heavy, this model is extremely light. All in all, it seems as a pretty good combination for long-distance running, right? Of course, it may appear to be. Unfortunately, there are so many other factors that might screw up the whole shoe… So I will start right…

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    Nike Legend React

    Nike Legend React delivers exactly what a casual, medium-skilled runner would expect. Definitely, after having them tested on the road, you will be thinking something as, “well… this model was really worth spending my money because it got far beyond my expectations”. It is so light (between 180 and 260 grams both men and women version) and comfortable that it is barely possible to find some competition for them. Mostly, when I see a lightweight shoe, it is at the expense of quality. The same applies for Nike, Puma, Adidas and many other brands. Because as soon as they make a light model, the top of shoe is fake and…

  • Nike Experience RN 7
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    Nike Flex Experience RN 7

    Nike Flex Experience RN 7 is a relatively lightweight model from the cheaper running shoe category that Nike released in the beginning of summer 2018. And even though it is presented as a running shoe, it can be definitely presented also as multifunctional model as well. First, the upper. Breathable, very thin mesh gives a feeling that the shoe really weighs nothing. Nike is in my opinion one of the best producers that in this regard, can make the top of the shoe extremely lightweight. And this Flex Experience RN 7 is no exception. Unfortunately though, as it is made from a lightweight material (weight ranges between 200-260 grams for both women and men model), I got a feeling the material…

  • Puma Faas 800
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    Puma Faas 800

    Imagine wearing in 2019 shoes from 2012. Have you ever thought about how much actually the shoes changed in the last 5 years and if the innovation made running a significantly easier experience? Let´s take a look at these Puma Faas 800 as a nice example of old model that you can still get online in the shops, but for an incredibly cheap price of 29 euros.  For this incredible price, Puma Faas 800 shows off with a typical EVA midsole, providing a medium to higher level of cushioning. I am saying medium to higher because the EVA technology is simply barely used nowadays. Nike using the dual-density foam or…

  • adidas-alphabounce-beyond
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    Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond

    It has been approximately already a one year, since Adidas released their new model AlphaBounce Beyond and entered the market with a solid running shoe, for an affordable price around 75- 100 euros. If you are searching not only for these two aspects, but also for a running shoe that looks interesting and is recommendable for many other sport activities, these shoes will definitely make you feel happy. Let´s take a look at some most noticeable attributes and make you prepared for what to expect when buying them. First of all, it is advisable to come and buy them in the shop. Because the fact is, the shoe simply looks…

  • adidas-galaxy-2-m
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    Adidas Galaxy 2M

    This time, we took a look at the middle class running category and decided to make an evaluation of Adidas Galaxy 2M which is according to many reviews and opinions considered to be a fairly average running shoe. After having them tested for a few running hours and making a clear cut, we are coming with this short review that might help you when deciding whether to buy them or not. First, let´s take a look at the bright points.  The fact it can be considered as just a middle class shoe is signaled by the producer in the first place. And that is the price. You can get them…

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    Nike Revolution 4

    The last winter I was searching for some shoes that I would predominantly use for my gym exercising and in which I would look quite cool so that they would also serve me for wearing them outside as a casual every-day model. After trying Nike Revolution 4 with these intentions, I cannot really say I would be willing to buy them again if the chance appeared. So, let´s take a look first what nicely surprised me and then the struggling part which says the reason for I am not a fan anymore. First of all, the upper. It is in my case really great. I must say, Nike really did…