Puma Speed 500 Ignite NightCat Review

Puma Speed 500 Ignite NightCat Review

Sometimes it happens to me that I go for a run in the late afternoon and suddenly it gets darker and I am thinking, “well isn’t it a bit dangerous on the road for myself when I don´t have any high visibility clothing on me at this moment?” Then it gets dark completely and I realize that having at least one good reflective thing would be great every time I go for a run. Shoes, especially, you don´t change so often so why not to have the feeling of “being visible all the time” secured by  the model Puma Speed 500 Ignite NightCat? I must say, this model very nicely surprised me. Although I am not a fan of orange color in which I tested this version, the shoe in my opinion, perfectly serves its purpose that it is made for. Running at night”

Puma Speed 500 Ignite Product Review

The orange upper is combined with white stripes on both internal and external part of shoe. I don’t specifically like this color combination and I could more imagine having orange with green or blue, but simply the white will make you visible from even very far distance at night. How far? Well, my dad tried to switch the lights on from the back on me and it was around 50 meters when he could still see me in these orange shoes. So definitely, thumbs up for this.

Puma Speed 500 Ignite Yellow

The color versions that I have seen and the one I had, well… I cannot say I would be a fan to be honest. I like more saturated colors so that as for the design itself, that is a drawback. The other specifications as outsole and midsole… the shoe is nothing really special. There is cushioning yes, but not an excessive one. In comparison with for example Nike Free 5.0 , it is rather one category below. That you can also see when you look at the price spectrum. I got the shoe for 50 euros and that´s exactly where I think it should be.

The last and very important thing! Do not buy the shoe on the internet before trying it on yourself. I was hesitating first whether I should do that because my previous leisure outdoor shoes from puma that I bought a few years ago were very wide. So I had automatically connected the brand also with the point that it makes wide running shoes but careful in this case! They are pretty narrow. I had to buy fully one size bigger. If you don´t have a chance to try them on, get at least half a size bigger. Your feet will definitely appreciate it. 🙂

Puma Speed 500 Ignite NightCat













  • Ideal for night runs
  • Good value for money


  • Extremely narrow in the midfoot
  • Runs too small

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