• Under armour Hovr Infinite mens
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    Under Armour Hovr Infinite

    Imagine you forgot your smartphone at home before going on the road. Or maybe you simply don’t like to run with your phone in your hands and feel its heaviness. Or it just happened that your phone battery went empty during during the run suddenly… Sounds pretty uneasy for an enthusiast who always likes measuring every step during the run, don’t you think? Well that’s where Under Armour hovr Infinite perfectly comes in hand. It is a smart and effective shoe for exactly those aforementioned situations. Don’t you believe that? Let’s take a look on why the Under Armour became with this model “a recommended shoe of 2019” and what…

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    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

    Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 perfectly combines the best technologies from Nike that you can imagine at today’s running shoes. As a result of lightweight upper and higher quality midsole foam, you can look forward to great support for your middle length to longer length runs on every day base. And what else makes it so special? Before analysing the strong points, I need to point out that I have tested this shoe on quite some amount of kilometers. In 90 per cent of cases, testing was done in the streets and smooth city terrain so very undemanding surface in general (anyway, that’s what the shoe is made for). Barely…

  • reebok-realflex-train-4.0
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    Reebok RealFlex Train 4.0

    RealFlex Train 4.0 is presented by Reebok as a running shoe for heavy training. As a shoe that will allow you to leave lots of kilometers behind you and that will help you on quite some uneasy terrain. In order to prove it, there have been strategically added some carbon fibers into the outsole. Well, surprisingly, despite the carbon that makes the shoes mostly heavy, this model is extremely light. All in all, it seems as a pretty good combination for long-distance running, right? Of course, it may appear to be. Unfortunately, there are so many other factors that might screw up the whole shoe… So I will start right…

  • ON CloudSwift
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    ON Cloudswift

    Before considering these shoes I have already heard lots of odes about them. My friend, videos on the internet and also a review article that I have read, all these sources were agreeing pretty much on the same thing. It is an extremely comfortable shoe. Long story short, I can confirm that it is true. Definitely, after having them put on your feet, you will be thinking of them as of a really successful model that is nothing but a nice surprise. Upper? By 90 per cent thumbs up! It is breathable, light, smoothly fitting around your arches. Moreover, it has a typical side band over the top. That is…

  • Asics Gel Excite 6
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    Asics GEL-EXCITE 6

    Asics didn´t keep us waiting for too long and with the new Gel-Excite 6 as a successor of Asics Gel-Excite 5 entered the market by the beginning of this year and definitely made some changes. So, let´s take a look at it :)! First of all, the newly appearing attribute of this model is the AmpliFoam midsole. That one specifically, promises a real strong flexibility of the shoe and all above, it is combined with Gel cushioning in the rearfoot. While AmpliFoam inside of shoe made a really good impression and allowed the model to really well adjust to the shape of the feet, the Gel cushioning I found a…

  • nike air max torch 4
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    Nike Air Max Torch 4

    If you say stylish trail running, then you should definitely imagine Nike Air Max Torch 4. The shoe that offers a real comfort for the medium difficulty terrain. And after having them tested for almost 5 months, approximately running 3 times a week, we came to the following observations. Hiking or jogging on short to medium distances is for Nike Air Max Torch 4 absolutely no problem. The upper, even though a bit less breathable, greatly manages any difficulties. Forest roads with lots of leaves, branches and uneven terrain didn´t leave any notable marks on the shoes even after a few months. Because it is a trail running shoe, obviously,…

  • On Cloud X
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    ON Cloud X

    Elegant, stylish, high quality… the first three things that popped up in my head when seeing these sci-fi looking shoes for the first time. And not only that! The Swiss company ON is notoriously famous for making very lightweight models of shoes thanks to its technology that resembles floating clouds. And this model is definitely not an exception in most of the previously named attributes! It is a real specialty! Straight to the point. If you haven´t come across any shoes from this company until now, you will be definitely surprised by the air cushioning system built in the outsole. It is really great! I cannot say more. The hollow…

  • Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018
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    Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018

    Ups and downs of the running shoes… that´s logically what everyone is mostly concerned about when deciding what to invest in. Everyone wants perfect cushioning, awesome return of energy with each step and being cared for their pronation/supination at the same time. Well, maybe I am gonna disappoint you, but this model, Nike Free RN Flyknit, will barely manage to fulfill all of these wishes you might have about the running shoes. The truth is…. I have never seen such a model that would fulfill all of the above mentioned requirements. Simply, because it is very difficult to make such a kind of shoe… . Nevertheless, these shoes offer quite…

  • Adidas cosmic 2.0 SL
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    Adidas Cosmic 2 Sl

    When I saw these shoes approximately two years ago, the first impression was that it looks a bit as a skater shoe or just some fancy shoe for any day, leisure activity. But I would have barely guessed at that time, from the first look, it is a running shoe, that will actually stay with me for another two years until now. So the question of this product review of course is, why did I keep them and how often do I use them… First of all, the cushioning. The midsole Adidas technology, Cloudfoam, is the best, most important feature that the shoe offers. Very simple… it contains the EVA…

  • Nike LunarGlide 9 Review
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    Nike LunarGlide 9

    If you are one of the people often moaning for having very wide, flat feet that require strong arch support, you should definitely put these Nike LunarGlide 9 on your personal wish list. Despite not having the older Nike LunarGlide 8 in my personal shelf, I tried them in the shop as well and compared them a bit with the 9th version so I can say the main differences. Personally, I would say the new LunarGlide 9 is in the forefoot much more spacious than the previous version. The upper is stretchy as well so that for my wide feet this is very important. A real plus point next to…