Nike Free 5.0 Review

Nike Free 5.0 Review

If you are searching for running shoes that can offer a high level of comfort and minimalist features, this model might be just the right option. Having them for already more than three years and using them for every-day running created my overall impression that those are the two most remarkable attributes. Despite the trend of the past several years, when shoe producers tended to add padding into the heel part, Nike in 2014 decided to go against the flow and made this shoe, that stimulates your foot arch to work as if you were running barefooted. When I was asking the expert in the shop about what makes the shoe behaving this way, I got an answer that the really high elasticity of the outsole stands behind it.

Basically, you can take the shoes into your hands and curl them into a small ball without any difficulties nor even having them damaged. The fact, that the shoe lacks the added cushioning in the back heel part lifts the elasticity to a even higher level. The outcome for the runner is a more natural running experience which will not allow the arches to weaken by overly too much soft outsole that is common with other models. On the other hand, at the same time you have to take into consideration that the shoe practically lacks any kind of shock absorbing so that the suitability for someone who has knee or ankle problems might evoke a more sensitive pain.

Despite my previous problems with both knees, I have never experienced that but in the beginning, I had a different experience. As the shoes tend to make your feet working naturally and thus help strengthening your arch muscles, you first need to get used to them. Therefore, the conversion from conventional, highly cushioned shoes with elevated heels can be for some people uncomfortable, bringing some muscle fatigue in the middle part of the feet. In my case, the small pain disappeared in time and I keep using them until now.

Nike Free 5.0 Product Review

The outsole is not the only attribute that this model can show off. Long distance runners will appreciate the very low weight when every gram counts and the top part of the shoe is typical for being very soft and thin so that the shoe perfectly adjusts itself to the shape of your feet. The overall upper front of the shoe is set by many leeks, making the feet breathing permanently over the whole time you are on the road. But then, don’t expect being protected against the weather conditions. The shoe in the rain gets soaked very fast and is mostly suitable only for roads like asphalt or concrete. The quite thin outsole will not protect you against the forest stones. Moreover, the combination with send getting inside through the porous part can make your running highly uncomfortable.

Nike Free 5.0 Product Review

Overall, unless you have problems with your knee ligaments or joints themselves and you still prefer normal running shoes than barefoots, this “hybrid” might be a interesting alternative. The fact it has become highly popular between runners for its comfort and also those pursuing other leisure sport activities, leaded Nike to create a lots of design variations. It can thus become even a model suitable for those taking into consideration the show-off aspect.

Nike Free 5.0













  • High flexibility
  • Minimalistic features combined with high level of comfort
  • Colorful design offering many variations


  • Easily gets soaked
  • Almost no cushioning

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