• reebok-realflex-train-4.0
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    Reebok RealFlex Train 4.0

    RealFlex Train 4.0 is presented by Reebok as a running shoe for heavy training. As a shoe that will allow you to leave lots of kilometers behind you and that will help you on quite some uneasy terrain. In order to prove it, there have been strategically added some carbon fibers into the outsole. Well, surprisingly, despite the carbon that makes the shoes mostly heavy, this model is extremely light. All in all, it seems as a pretty good combination for long-distance running, right? Of course, it may appear to be. Unfortunately, there are so many other factors that might screw up the whole shoe… So I will start right…

  • ON CloudSwift
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    ON Cloudswift

    Before considering these shoes I have already heard lots of odes about them. My friend, videos on the internet and also a review article that I have read, all these sources were agreeing pretty much on the same thing. It is an extremely comfortable shoe. Long story short, I can confirm that it is true. Definitely, after having them put on your feet, you will be thinking of them as of a really successful model that is nothing but a nice surprise. Upper? By 90 per cent thumbs up! It is breathable, light, smoothly fitting around your arches. Moreover, it has a typical side band over the top. That is…

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    Nike Legend React

    Nike Legend React delivers exactly what a casual, medium-skilled runner would expect. Definitely, after having them tested on the road, you will be thinking something as, “well… this model was really worth spending my money because it got far beyond my expectations”. It is so light (between 180 and 260 grams both men and women version) and comfortable that it is barely possible to find some competition for them. Mostly, when I see a lightweight shoe, it is at the expense of quality. The same applies for Nike, Puma, Adidas and many other brands. Because as soon as they make a light model, the top of shoe is fake and…

  • Nike Experience RN 7
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    Nike Flex Experience RN 7

    Nike Flex Experience RN 7 is a relatively lightweight model from the cheaper running shoe category that Nike released in the beginning of summer 2018. And even though it is presented as a running shoe, it can be definitely presented also as multifunctional model as well. First, the upper. Breathable, very thin mesh gives a feeling that the shoe really weighs nothing. Nike is in my opinion one of the best producers that in this regard, can make the top of the shoe extremely lightweight. And this Flex Experience RN 7 is no exception. Unfortunately though, as it is made from a lightweight material (weight ranges between 200-260 grams for both women and men model), I got a feeling the material…

  • Asics Gel Excite 6
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    Asics GEL-EXCITE 6

    Asics didn´t keep us waiting for too long and with the new Gel-Excite 6 as a successor of Asics Gel-Excite 5 entered the market by the beginning of this year and definitely made some changes. So, let´s take a look at it :)! First of all, the newly appearing attribute of this model is the AmpliFoam midsole. That one specifically, promises a real strong flexibility of the shoe and all above, it is combined with Gel cushioning in the rearfoot. While AmpliFoam inside of shoe made a really good impression and allowed the model to really well adjust to the shape of the feet, the Gel cushioning I found a…

  • Adidas Solar Drive
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    Adidas Solar Drive

    Adidas Solar Drive was released due the 1st May 2018 as a running shoe with strong support and high portion of cushioning. And to be honest, for this model, that in these days costs around 80 dollars, I think it is a fair price. But if you take a look at it from the that time when it was released, it was an over priced shoe for almost 120 bugs. Why overpriced? Because simply, from a shoe of that price you definitely expect it will be already a higher class. And not just an OK shoe. An OK shoe you can get for even less than those 70 bugs that…

  • Asics Gel Quantum Infinity
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    Asics Gel Quantum Infinity

    In the fall of last year, 2018, Asics came to the market with a completely new way of cushioning. The gel layer that was inserted into the midsole is in case of Asics Gel Quantum newly laid over the whole surface of the shoe. In comparison to previous Asics models that had only gel in the heel part, this main modification here will provide you with exceptionally strong cushioning and real softness at each tread when stepping forward. The quality of cushioning is something that this model can really show off. It is comparable to technologies that we can find for instance at Adidas Boost, Saucony Triumph ISO 5 or…

  • nike air max torch 4
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    Nike Air Max Torch 4

    If you say stylish trail running, then you should definitely imagine Nike Air Max Torch 4. The shoe that offers a real comfort for the medium difficulty terrain. And after having them tested for almost 5 months, approximately running 3 times a week, we came to the following observations. Hiking or jogging on short to medium distances is for Nike Air Max Torch 4 absolutely no problem. The upper, even though a bit less breathable, greatly manages any difficulties. Forest roads with lots of leaves, branches and uneven terrain didn´t leave any notable marks on the shoes even after a few months. Because it is a trail running shoe, obviously,…

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    Seeing these shoes on the market, I expected something exceptional. The design quite attracted me and I thought that the shoes will offer an exceptional comfort in terms of cushioning at the same time. After having them used on 100 kilometers, what can I highlight? In general, Nike Zoom Air Winflo 6 is an interesting model that helped me to get rid of a one specific health problem. In my case it was the pain often appearing in my left heel in the mornings after waking up, technically called plantar fasciitis. After putting on these shoes and not wearing them just as a running shoe but as a shoe for…

  • Asics GEL-SONOMA 4
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    Asics GEL-SONOMA 4

    Despite not being a big fan of trail running shoes, I sometimes simply like to exchange the terrain and instead of comfortable park roads go for a wild run into the real forest. For such a situation, Asics Gel Sonoma 4 are an ideal option. First of all, they surprised me by the firm top. A lot! After having them tested on 250 kilometers, I dare to say that the upper really is durable. Forest roads, unmarked roads in the woods and steeper slopes, for this shoe are definitely not a problem. The rubber outsole wasn´t an exception. I barely noticed any changes. Plus, I appreciated the reversed-oriented, diamond-shaped lugs…