Puma Faas 800

Puma Faas 800

Imagine wearing in 2019 shoes from 2012. Have you ever thought about how much actually the shoes changed in the last 5 years and if the innovation made running a significantly easier experience? Let´s take a look at these Puma Faas 800 as a nice example of old model that you can still get online in the shops, but for an incredibly cheap price of 29 euros. 

For this incredible price, Puma Faas 800 shows off with a typical EVA midsole, providing a medium to higher level of cushioning. I am saying medium to higher because the EVA technology is simply barely used nowadays. Nike using the dual-density foam or Adidas using the high volume Boost foam simply offer the best nowadays and EVA does not rebounce and limit the treading shocks that great as these technologies nowadays. For the shock reduction, if you have serious problems, I would simply not buy them. In my opinion, instead of running shoes with some EVA technology, I would definitely prefer a new running model from 2018 as the oldest possibility.

Puma Faas 800

On the other hand, this model of running shoe is according to the producer solving overpronation problems. And me, as a person having mild problems with overpronation, I can say, after running mostly 8-10 kilometers on the road, three times a week, I have never felt my flat feet at all. In this regard, definitely thumbs up :).

The weakest point of these shoes? Well, lets say it has maybe an older cushioning midsole layer, but still pretty good. For 29 euros, it is the best you can get on the market. What is definitely out of reality is the design, actually. The shoes are not stylish at all. The colors are too bright and pale, and the side plastic stripes make the overall look of the shoe as if it were fake instead of well-known brand Puma.

Puma Faas 800

All in all, if you ask me, whether they are worth buying in 2019 or not, I would say, it depends…. Do you want perfect cushioning and protect your knees on long distances? Then I would say, grab the new Nike Pegasus 35 Turbo for instance… Do you wanna just an easy shoe for your short-distance running and training indoor sports? Then this is the sufficient option for a very pleasant price that fits great and wont disappoint you.

Puma Faas 800











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