Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond Review

Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond Review

It has been approximately already a year, since Adidas released their new model AlphaBounce Beyond and entered the market with a solid running shoe, for a really affordable price tag. If you are searching not only for these two aspects, but also for a running shoe that looks interesting and is recommendable for many other sport activities, these shoes will definitely make you feel satisfied. Let´s take a look at some most noticeable attributes and make you prepared for what to expect when buying them.

adidas alphabounce beyond white

First of all, it is advisable to come and buy them in a shop. Because the fact is, the shoe simply looks a bit different from the catalog pictures you might come across at the e-shop of the producer. Not only that the colors can appear to be kind of faded, very common and thus a bit boring, but also, the overall shape of the model might surprise you. Simply because the external side of the shoe, together with the outsole is framed with many deep lines which give you the impression that the shoe is really huge and robust. If you are searching for something really stylish, then I would avoid this shoe. It´s definitely not the sexiest model you would take for a running date :-). But enough of criticism. There are many other things, I would definitely evaluate as positive and that make Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond worth buying.

adidas alphabounce beyond black outsole

You can see from the name of the shoe that the model is equipped with the Adidas Bounce midsole. If we compare it to Adidas Energy Boost or Ultra Boost technology, it feels firmer and also heavier. Look at the weight of these shoes, itself. Between 320 (women) – 345 (men) grams. That is what makes the shoe kind of falling in between lower quality and lower price shoes category. On the other hand, thanks to that firmness of midsole, the shoe provides the foot with better stability. Therefore, I would personally put it right on the shelf between shoes helping overpronators. The shoe easily prevents the runner to use the inner side of the feet when treading and gets the feet back to neutral position. That´s exactly what I felt as the strongest point of these shoes. And then, if you realize the fact, you can get them now for just around 60-80 dollars online, it is a pretty good deal. What is true though, it is not a long distance running shoe. It lacks the ankle stability and also, the arch support turns out to be lower in case you run more than 7-10 kms. At least, that was my case….

adidas alphabounce beyond black

Thus, a few words in the end… Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond definitely did not disappoint me. I wanted a short-distance running shoe, good for combined training of running outside and other outdoor activities. And I discovered this shoe which after having it for a year, I would say, it is very good for it. It is not recommendable for long distance running as the cushioning and arch support is not sufficient (that is the specialty of Boost midsole in other models). But on the other hand, the strength and firmness of Bounce makes the shoe really stable, resistant and even appropriate for different kinds of cross training. Overall, you will find Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond a very multifunctional model, convenient for much more than just short-distance running.

Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond













  • Easygoing price tag
  • Offers good stability for overpronators


  • The shoe looks quite large
  • Extremely heavy model
  • Boring colours on the upper used

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